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The Haggarty Group Qld Pty Ltd
ABN: 62 142 220 184


The Haggarty Group Qld buys and sells all non-ferrous metals in accordance to the International standards (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc). We have the necessary equipment to sort and process all metals and have been servicing the community since 1949. 

Recycling metals has a direct impact on the environment.  Recycling helps extend the life of the world’s dwindling base metals resources as metals can be recycled infinitely

Producing a tonne of Aluminium from Virgin bauxite ore takes the energy equivalent of 8.1 tones of coal, but from recycled scrap takes 0.4 tones, a reduction of 95 %.  Using Recycled Aluminium also saves 8t of bauxite ore.

There is an 85 % energy saving in using recycled copper Vs using virgin ore.

Our trucks carry certified digital scales for the buying of non-ferrous metals.  Your scrap can be weighed and paid for on site.  Please give us a call for our current pricing.

We can provide you with either wool bales or bins to suit your requirements for the collection of your non ferrous metals.  Please click on the contact us link to arrange for a suitable collection method.

Below is a list of some of the products we buy and sell along with the international standard.   If it is metal we can recycle it.
Copper Aluminum Stainless Steel Batteries/Lead