Engine Oils

Semi-synthetic or synthetically enhanced engine oils are designed to give you the best of both worlds.  They offer better protection than mineral oils at a lower price than full synthetic oils.  Semi-synthetic oils are a blend of mineral & synthetic oils that are specifically formulated to out perform mineral oils.  Designed for late model vehicles where a quality lower viscosity engine oil is required.

Mineral based everyday engine oils offer protection for most conventional modern engines.  Because these products are derived from a mineral base oil and cost less to produce, they are perfect for the cost conscious motorist.  Typically mineral based engine oils have a higher multigrade viscosity than synthetic oils.  These are ideal for the majority of motorists who want value for money protection.  Everyday engine oils have additive packages designed to give the best possible protection at the best possible price.

Diesel engine oils are specifically formulated to provide maximum protection for the diesel powered vehicles.  They offer exceptional soot handling capabilities and are designed to reduce oil consumption and deposit build up.  We stock a range of Diesel oil’s suited to all applications from passenger vehicles to trucks and tractors.

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