Monoclad Roofing & Wall Cladding

Cover Thickness(mm) Minimum Pitch Finish Minimum Length




(1 in 30)






Economical – unique blend of characteristics provides a low installed cost.

Simple Installation – through fixing and easy notching of flashings.

762mm Cover – quick installation and easy handling.

Hi-tensile Steel – lightweight and high strength.

Deep Ribs – provide excellent spanning capability with good water carrying capacity.

Domed Crest – provides greater foot traffic performance.

Anti-capillary Side Laps – gives improved weather structure.

2° Minimum Pitch – reduces support structure.

Fully Tested – a full range of load performance tables to suit almost any application.


Monoclad® cladding is readily installed with or without fibreglass insulation blanket. If practical lay sheets in the opposite direction to prevailing weather.

Installation of Stramit Monoclad® cladding is a straightforward procedure using the following fixing sequence:

1. Ensure all purlins are in line and correctly installed and that mesh and blanket (if specified) are in place.

2. Position and fix the first sheet ensuring the correct sheet overhangs (minimum 50mm). Ensure that screws are not overtightened.

3. Continue to fix subsequent sheets checking that sheet ends at the lower edge are exactly aligned.

It is important that the underlap of one sheet does not protrude beyond the overlap of the next – if this is unavoidable, the underlap must be trimmed locally or water ‘drawback’ may occur.

4. Measure the overall cover width at top and bottom of the sheets from time to time to avoid ‘fanning’.

5. For roof spans exceeding 900mm and wall spans exceeding 1200mm, stitch the sidelaps at midspan.

6.Turn up the pans at the upper roof edge, turn down the pan at the lower edge and install flashings.

7.Clean up the roof after each days work, removing all screws, cuttings, swarf etc, and leave roof clean and watertight.


All fastening screws must conform to AS3566 – Class 3, are to be hexagon headed and for roofing must be used with sealing washers. For connecting to purlins or top hats use:

For connecting to purlins or top hats use: For steel (0.75bmt or greater)*

No.12 x 45mm self-drilling and threading screws for crest fixing

No.10 x 16mm self-drilling and threading screws for pan fixing to walls

For timber (F11 or better)

No. 12 x 65mm type 17 screws for crest fixing

No.10 x 25mm type 17 screws for pan fixing to walls

Side Laps

No. 8 – 15x15mm ‘S’ self drilling and threading screws, or 3.2mm diameter sealed aluminium pop rivets

*For steel less than 0.75bmt thickness refer to Stramit® Top Hats & Battens Product Technical Manual.

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