* This promotion is only Valid on orders made that are over $2000 on or before the 31st of March. This promotion has a maximum delivery range of 100km from our store at West Ipswich 4305. The promotion only applies to concreting related products and therefore only the total of only these products are counted. These terms and conditions can be subject to product availability and Delivery accessibility. Extra Fees may apply. At any time without notice The Haggarty Group have the right to refuse use of this promotion if they deem necessary.

F62 W2.4 L6
F72 W2.4 L6
F82 W2.4 L6

Reinforcing Mesh

3 Bar F8 4 Bar F8
3 Bar F11 4 Bar F11
3 Bar F12 4 Bar F12
Also available 5 bar trench mesh upon request.
Trench mesh chairs 20 per bag

Trench Mesh

Y12 @ 6 Mtrs
Y16 @ 6 Mtrs
Y20 @ 6 Mtrs
Y24 @ 6 Mtrs
Y28 @ 6 Mtrs

Deformed Bar

400 x 200 R6

Other Sizes Available


12mm - 20mm
Bag of 50

Reo Socks

We have a quantity in store.
All variances are made to order.


Y12 1000mm x 200mm
M12 180mm x 50mm
Y16 1000mm x 200mm

Starter Bars

Available upon request.


110mm Bundle of 200/Roll = 2000
125mm Roll = 2000
150mm Roll = 2000

Reo Ties

1.5Kg Coil

Mini Tie Wire

75 x 10 Roll of 25m
125 x 10 Roll of 25m
150 x 10 Roll of 25m


100mm @ 6m
150mm @ 6m
200mm @ 6m

Key Joint

25mm @ 3m


100 x 10 Roll = 25m
75 x 10 Roll = 25m

Sticky Back Ableflex

Black & Orange plastic 200UM
4m wide.
Roll = 50m

Builders Film

We stock a wide range of tools to complete any concreting job.
Click below to view a list of some of the tools that we carry in stock.

Concreting Tools

25/40 Plastic Bag of 100
50/65 Plastic Bag of 100
75/90 Plastic Bag of 100
85/100 Plastic Bag of 100

Combination Chairs

See Table Below

Prefabricated Cages

Prefabricated Footing Cages

NS12002006 F8- 2 Bar Top & Bottom
NS22003006 F8- 2 Bar Top & Bottom
NS32004006  F8- 3 Bar Top & Bottom
NS72003006F11- 3 Bar Top & Bottom
NS7A2003006  F8- 3 Bar Top & Bottom
NS82004006F11- 3 Bar Top & Bottom
NS92003006F12- 3 Bar Top & Bottom
NS102004006F12- 3 Bar Top & Bottom