Bull floats
Teak float
Sponge float
Mag Float
Fresno trowel
Pointed trowel
Pointed nose trowel
Trowel machine blade
Walking trowel
Rod cutter & bender
Aluminium concrete rake
Broom handles
Bolt cutters
Visqueen tape
Sledge hammer

Nipper end cutter
Rigger gloves
Reo tie twister
Safety vest
Square nose shovel
String line
Step ladder
Measuring tape
Telescopic handle
Round ended edger
Border tool
Push button handle
Oxy tips & flints
Hand piece for oxy
Welding tips
Oxy goggles
Chipping hammer
Earth clamp
Gasless mig wire
Oxy hose
Drill bits
Cutting wheels

Mig wire
Acetylene regulator
Oxy regulator
Argon regulator
Nylon rope
Stainless steel ruler
Safety glasses
Engineers chalk
Wire brush
Welding gloves
Welding lenses
Welding helmet
Welding rods
Leather work belt
Hard hats
Wire cutters
Tin snips
Chain strainers

The Haggarty family and their wonderful team of staff believe in maintaining tradition by offering the community excellent friendly service and growing with the ever increasing needs of their customers.

347-349 Brisbane St, West Ipswich
Phone: (07) 3281 8144

Trading Hours
Mon-Fri: 7.30am -5:00pm
Sat: 8am-12pm

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